Informatics and computer facilities

09.04.01 Software of intelligent systems and technologies

The main goal of the program is the training of highly qualified IT specialists and specialists in the sphere of innovations capable of creating, using modern high-tech products, developing innovations in areas that do not have a broad market niche and aimed at meeting the current and future needs of the IT industry in the region. Ensuring the compliance of specialists with professional standards and market requirements.

Objectives of the program:

  • Cooperation of the IT company with leading leading and Russian research centers and educational institutions.
  • The implementation of a professional educational program designed to provide theoretical knowledge, as well as the skills and skills necessary for lawful activity at the professional level, ensuring the formation of a full portfolio of competencies in the innovation and IT areas.
  • Identification of talented youth and its involvement in research activities, involvement in solving problems that are of practical importance for the development of the innovation sphere and the IT sphere.
  • Preparation and retention in the region of the most talented youth.

One of the most acute problems of regional IT markets is staff shortage. In spite of the fact that several higher educational institutions of a very high level train specialized specialists, it is very difficult to find suitable employees. In particular, this is due to the fact that the structure and requirements of the IT market are changing very quickly. In the coming years, high-level developers, information security specialists, IT project managers, IT marketers will still be in demand.
In the next three to five years, the regional IT market is expected to grow. Development will receive new technologies and services, for example, related to the storage, integration and analysis of large amounts of data generated on the basis of heterogeneous information, as well as mobile technologies, “clouds”, etc.

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