The bachelor’s program provides basic knowledge in the field of computer science and telecommunications, including the creation of electronic means of generating, transmitting, receiving, processing, storing and protecting information. At our faculty students train all kinds of measurements and channels for telecommunication systems. Learn the mathematical modeling of info-communication processes. Learn the basic rules of commissioning and subsequent maintenance of information systems. They receive knowledge in the field of information security and information protection.

The acquired knowledge and skills will allow the graduates to become developers of complex competitive ultra-reliable infocommunication equipment, having received work in a company they like with decent pay and the possibility of rapid career growth.

Faculty prepares bachelors in the direction of

09.03.03  Applied Informatics

Educational program:

11.03.02 Infocommunication technologies and communication systems

Educational program:

45.03.04 Intelligent Technologies in Humanities

Educational program:

The main directions of professional activity of graduates are:

  • telecommunication systems;
  • communication networks and switching systems;
  • intelligent networks and communication systems;
  • intellectual information systems;
  • centralized data processing systems in infocommunication networks;
  • multimedia technologies;
  • methods of transmission and distribution of information in telecommunication systems and networks;
  • means of information protection in telecommunication systems;
  • means of metrological support of telecommunication systems and networks;
  • methods of managing local and distributed data processing and storage systems;
  • management and marketing in telecommunications.