Department of Intelligent Technologies in Humanities

45.03.04 Intelligent Technologies in Humanities

The educational program is aimed at training specialists with a broad range of proficiency in the methods of collecting and processing large amounts of data, constructing mathematical models, analyzing and interpreting the results, and being able to conduct theoretical and applied research on the analysis and support of solutions in specific fields of economics, informatics, logistics, management and social sphere.

The training assumes an active independent, scientific research and project work of bachelors under the guidance of experienced teachers of ITMO University and specialists of partner enterprises.
The preparation of bachelors is aimed at providing the IT sector of the Russian Federation with specialists in the design, development and implementation of intelligent systems, i.e. systems based on knowledge and intended to support the activities of decision-makers.

As the analysis of employment agencies shows, in Russia and St. Petersburg, there are not enough trained IT specialists. In the humanitarian sphere, as in a poorly formalized area, intelligent systems and technologies are targeted that are aimed at automating the methods of extracting new knowledge through methods and algorithms of machine learning , aimed at processing and analysis of data, processes, documents. This is a special feature of the educational program under which graduates are able to work in such areas of employment as the development of software packages for text analysis, database architecture and knowledge bases, methods of automatic knowledge extraction and data analysis, and are ready to participate in the collective production of interdisciplinary intelligent systems .

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