Infocommunication systems

11.03.02 Infocommunication systems

The program is aimed at obtaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills of designing and developing software for infocommunication systems. Students learn C++, Java, C# programming languages, web development technologies (including HTML, JavaScript, PHP); master methods of developing models of complex systems and processing experimental data, gain practical skills in simulation modeling, study the design features of infocommunication systems, and acquire the skills of creating data storage and processing systems.

The development of the modern IT market determines the need for active implementation of infocommunication systems for various purposes. Data exchange is impossible without the infocommunication technologies, the components of which are telecommunication and information technologies. This program provides students with the knowledge necessary to model, design and develop an information component that provides the ability to organize effective software processing and data storage in application areas of infocommunication technologies (data storage and processing systems, application package development, modeling and design of adoption systems solutions). Students receive knowledge in the field of creating software of various types that solve applied problems of information systems, which is an integral part and logical continuation of the technical basis of information and communication technologies.

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