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The faculty of infocommunication technologies (until December 2011 the Faculty of Telecommunication Systems and Technologies) was created by the decision of the Academic Council of the University on December 17, 2010 at the suggestion of an initiative group of employees who have extensive experience in the implementation of information and telecommunications projects of federal and regional importance since 1994, you can note:

  • Development of the concept, creation and operation of the Federal university computer network RUNNet;
  • Creation, development and operation of a remote access system for rural schools in Russia to information and educational resources;
  • Development of the concept, creation and operation of a high-speed network of educational institutions in St. Petersburg;
  • Development of ITMO information environment and the creation of the “Electronic University ITMO”;

and also in the implementation of additional professional education programs, built on the authorized courses of the world’s leading vendors (Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, IBM, HP, Intel, Novell, etc.) and author courses of university professors on topical problems of administering networks, operating systems, databases , and programming to develop and create various applications.

The programs of the faculty of infocommunication technologies are aimed at the training of qualified specialists with a wide range of proficiency, possessing extensive knowledge in the field of ICT. The training assumes an active independent, scientific research and project work of bachelors under the guidance of experienced teachers of ITMO University and specialists of partner enterprises.