Teaching of special disciplines in English “(” English as a Medium of Instruction Teacher Training “)

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to inform you that in the end of September the refresher course “Teaching of special subjects in English” (“English as a Medium of Instruction Teacher Training”) will begin. If you are leading or planning to conduct your disciplines in English, do not miss the chance to improve your professional competence.

The course is based on the teaching methodology of the University of Arizona.
Classes are conducted by teachers of the Center for the Study of Foreign Languages ​​(including native speakers).
The course is a combination of practical and online classes.
More information about the course on the link.

Duration: 3 months (72 academic hours)
Frequency of classes: 2 times a week + 2-3 hours online per week
The time now is 10:52 AM.
Location: in the building on the street. Lomonosov 9
Language of instruction: English
Required level of English: В2 (Upper-intermediate) or higher.

If all the components of the course are successfully completed, you will receive a certificate of professional development.

The application for the course can be filled here until September 10 inclusive.

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Contacts: Center for the Study of Foreign Languages
mreyhani@corp.ifmo.ru; fltc@corp.ifmo.ru